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program 2023

1. Cinema Con Nhà Nghèo (Cinema CNN)

Con Nha Ngheo (CNN) Cinema, roughly translated as PEASANTS CINEMA, is a community moving-image program curated by independent filmmaker Mai Huyen Chi. Built around screenings, talks, workshops, and mentoring activities, CNN Cinema (Peasants Cinema) promotes the work, the practice, and the moving-image artists across the genres from fiction and non-fiction narrative films to other non-narrative forms of experimental films and video arts.


Having its eyes on authentic and accessible filmmaking, CNN aims to nurture a space and community for grassroot independent filmmaking, one that is freed from budget, reputational, aesthetical and political restraints - at least in the mindset.


CNN -  Our story, we tell it our way.


2. Cùng Ăn Cơm (CAC)
/ Let's have a meal together

CAC is a programme that visits artists' homes/studios, includes activities such as workshop, dining together, talking and discussing artists' practice. The intention of having a meal together is to create an intimate and close atmosphere between artists and participants.


3. Art residency

The Art Residency Program is open to artists, researchers, and interdisciplinary art practitioners. We hope to establish the ideal environment for artists from within and outside of the region who are interested in Central Vietnam's history and culture to focus on research and experimentation.

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